Introducing a breakthrough brain computer interface platform for researchers that combines augmented reality, EEG, and artificial intelligence in a novel, self-contained headset. 

The Cognixion ONE™ Axon-R enables precise measurement and modulation of brain activity through visual stimuli, biofeedback, and neurofeedback. This wearable device offers up to 16 channels of research-quality physiological data and an integrated steady state visually evoked potential classifier.   

Researchers equipped with the Axon-R can expand beyond the confines of standard laboratories, engaging in immersive and interactive studies that leverage multi-modal interaction, augmented reality, and brain sensing in just about any setting, indoors and outdoors. 


DendriteTM Cable
BCI Studio™
Nucleus™ Neural Hub™
Dendrite™ Cable

Axon-R is the All in ONE Neural Hub for XR

Immersive Neurophysiology
The only purpose-built, truly integrated BCI + AR device with a unique on-device SEP classifier system (Sensory Evoked Potentials).

Untethered Versatility
Wearable and fully portable form factor allows for infield and diverse environment studies - Indoors and Outdoors.

Multimodal Sensor Fusion 
6+2 EEG Sensors on Occipital and Occipital-Parietal, plus Din 8 channel ExG cable for diverse placement and use in full central and peripheral nervous system biosensor fusion (EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG).

LSL Data Streaming
Offers comprehensive data streams over WiFi for seamless analysis across 16 channels of Cognixion sensor data at 2kHz samples per second per channel (24bit). This also enables sensor fusion with data streams from other devices including wearable and implanted sensors.

No-Code SDK for Non-Technical People
Cognixion® BCI Studio™ enables easy rapid AR scene and app development and integration of neural data without deep programming knowledge.

Robust Software Support
Cognixion provides Python, Intheon, and AcqKnowledge, as well as Unity support for developing custom AR applications that integrate whole-body neural data. Use it for a wide array of research use cases.

Premium Grade System and Components
Research-backed premium-grade components designed and tested to ensure robust and repeatable research results.

User-Centric Design
Axon-R is designed for safety and comfort, suitable for various conditions, positions, and locations.

Lab-Grade Signal Quality
Ensuring quality and consistency that includes a built-in impedance check across all Cognixion channels.


*Axon-R is not a medical device and is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition.*

BCI Studio

With robust software support, comprehensive documentation, and tutorial videos, our platform minimizes setup time and simplifies use. Unlock customization potential with advanced features — all with minimal programming required

API-Based Configurator JSON/REST API-based configuration using Postman or Python

LSL Stream LSL streams with raw, filtered, and classified data for easy integration

Impedance Check Integrated Impedance check to ensure data integrity across all experiments

Expanded Support Support for integration and dataflows with Python, Acqknowledge, Intheon Neuropype, Openvibe, and Unity

BCI Studio

System Specifications

Fully Integrated Wireless BCI + AR with Expanded Whole Body ExG Channels

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Axon-R Standard includes:

- Cognixion One Axon-R with WiFi & Bluetooth
- Indoor Lens
- BCI Studio
- AR Templates
- Online Resources
- 1 Year Limited Warranty


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Axon-R Advanced includes all standard features plus:

- Tinted Outdoor Lens
- Bipolar cable with 8 additional channels


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Axon-R Elite includes all Advanced features plus:

- Extended full replacement warranty with expedited shipping 





Cognixion One Axon-R with WiFi & Bluetooth
Indoor Lens
Tinted Outdoor Lens
Bipolar Cable with 8 Additional Channels for ExG Sensing (ECG, EMG, EOG)


BCI Studio
AR Templates
Online Resources


1 Year Limited Warranty
Extended Warranty
Full Device Replacement with expedited shipping should you encounter any issue
**The retention band can produce at least one of visual, audio, or haptic feedback in response to the signal from the sensor. The sensor can be a first sensor. The wearable device can further include a second sensor connected to the retention band. The second sensor can collect vital signs.

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